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1189 Miles


1189 Miles reflects on my experiences in coping with the sudden death of my grandfather. The void of his absence has created a lasting feeling of emptiness within me, a feeling which slowly fades with time but never vanishes completely. The physical distance from my homeland of Poland and where my grandfather lived, only serves to heighten the feelings of grief/loss.


Some of the photographs depict everyday objects within the home environment, things which evoke powerful memories of my grandfather that neither time nor distance could ever erode. The cathartic process of photographing these objects has been vital in coming to terms with his absence.


Other images are ones I have taken in my garden documenting the planting of trees. Engaging with the cycle of life this documentation metaphorically shifts focus within the narrative from the past towards the future. This turn speaks poetically about my desire to move forward whilst simultaneously holding onto precious memories from my past.

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